Getting Experience

We’ve now completed two sailing courses and we’re getting letters in the mail that start with “Congratulations Sailor”, which always makes me chuckle.

The final words of wisdom from our last instructor was to get some real experience and put some hours in practicing. Brian found an awesome opportunity on Craigslist and we ended up renting a 27 foot O’day sailboat for the rest of the season! It cost 2k, but we have unlimited access to Surfside anytime we want. We have even stayed the night on her and I have to say, sunsets at Lake Tahoe are even more beautiful when viewed from the water.


Renting a boat on these terms has proven to be super beneficial. We may have just gotten lucky, but if you are looking to get sailing experience you may be able to find a similar deal out there.

More to come on what we are learning and what has surprised us ($80 for a new main sheet, really?)



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