Paris Mountain State Park

Today Jackson and I hiked Paris Mountain State Park, a true beauty in the Upstate area!


Jackson loves the woods almost as much as I do!

We took Brissy Ridge to Pipsissewa. It started out a bit rocky but quickly smoothed out. A few bikers were walking their bikes back towards the parking lot.

We loved all of the wonderful flower scents along the trail.

It was a nice easy stroll for the majority of the hike, but I still recommend that you pay attention to the difficulty ratings posted at the Brissy Trailhead when choosing your route.

Next we took a left on North Lake.

The water was crystal clear and so were the skies!

After our little stop by the lake we headed to Kanuga. Another hiker and his dog were enjoying the water below us as we continued on. I heard someone shout Boo! Which made my heart jump a bit, but I think the dog’s name was Boo. 🙂

From Kanuga we headed to Fire Tower, taking a winding route back towards our starting point.

From Fire Tower we headed down Sulphur Springs Trail. Jackson was pretty tired at this point, but it was just a perfect day for this perfect stroll down the most beautiful park in my own back yard.

Don’t forget to stop walking and look up, or you could miss this gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains.

Lots of blooms!

A bit of local history.


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