Your Business Intelligence Roadmap

Ok, so you’re new business intelligence solution project is coming to an end. The developers have created a great new data warehouse and data marts are being designed as we speak. Your team is discussing training and user adoption strategies and then all of a sudden you have a meeting request from your vendor…”We’d like to meet with you to discuss your business intelligence plans for the future”.

You’re not alone if this type of scenario would catch you off guard. I wasn’t sure how to respond to such a request. We had barely had time to breathe since this project began, much less plan out how and when additional source systems would be brought into the business intelligence application. My team and I it too early to have this type of meeting?

As I pondered, I recalled that just days earlier some stakeholders had inquired about data that was currently inaccessible because it hadn’t been migrated into a data warehouse. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but now I could see that even the users were forward-thinking. They were thinking of the great possibilities of our new business intelligence solution without any prompting and it seemed that they were running this race quicker than me.

So, my final conclusion is this: It is not too early to create a roadmap for your business intelligence solution, in fact, the sooner the better. I know how tempting it is to want to relax after such a major project, but once the users realize how powerful the new data is for them they are only going to want more. Don’t be reactive to such request, but take a proactive approach by planning your business intelligence roadmap early.

Why I Can do What I do am angel.

I am passionate.

I have lived a life of fear and love, and I have gained wisdom.

I have experienced loss and gain, pain and power.

I help others realize the value that they have to offer.

I don’t believe in talent.

I believe that we, as humans, are capable of whatever we set our minds to.

I am evidence of that.

Like many of us, I need to feel satisfaction at my job. I accomplish this by enabling others at my workplace to feel this same satisfaction that I seek. How do you do this? Teach others. Don’t hoard information. There is no true power, or security, in holding all the information that is required to accomplish a task.

Yes, there’s always that subtle fear, “If other people can do what I do, am I still needed?” but the answer is yes! And if the answer is no, then you will probably add more value (and have more job satisfaction) elsewhere.

Companies need people who are smart, and who are willing to share their knowledge throughout the organization. Many companies have realized the value in having people like you, and other companies are still stuck in the specialized task-specific employee–they need you more than ever.

So, if you have knowledge that is unique, find others who are curious about that knowledge. Share your knowledge, give the users documentation. Empower others by giving them the knowledge to accomplish their tasks in more efficient ways. This is not speaking about the technical type of business intelligence that I am accustomed to writing about, but this does address the key foundation of any business intelligence solution: the sharing of valuable knowledge.