Whooo Are You? – Roles to Fit Your BI Team’s Personalities

I love to work with a colorful team full of varying personality types. Each individual adds new perspectives, different skills, and diverse experiences to the team. Your challenge, as the Business Intelligence Project Manager, is to learn as much as you can about each team member, and assign them tasks that will highlight their skills and help them to shine professionally.

Your people person: This individual is well suited for tasks that require great communication skills. They will be great at organizing meetings, working with department heads to gather requirements, and communicating with other team members about the project plan. You can task them with gathering information about what reports are currently being delivered to whom, and determining what information is needed from each report. This is a great opportunity to update report data. This person can compile the information needed and report it to your dashboard builders.

Your detailed oriented team members: These team members will likely be thorough when validating your new data warehouse.  Task them with documenting discrepancies and working with contractors to ensure the accuracy of data. They will also excel when building your BI dashboards with reports that are departmental specific. Have them communicate with your requirements gathers to build dashboards that fit the needs of your department heads.

Your influencer/leader: Most likely there will be at least one person on your team who aspires to be a leader and a manager. Don’t be intimidated by this person, but help them to develop their leadership skills by assigning them tasks that are aligned with their goals and aspirations. They will be able to organize many structural areas of the project while also alleviating some of the burden of managing the entire project alone. Have this person organize the meeting agendas and report the progress of the project to you and the rest of the team.

Knowing your project team can provide many advantages when implementing a business intelligence solution. By utilizing the talents of your team you will be able to lead the project from a higher level rather than micro-managing. Your team as a whole will feel proud because each individual has been given the opportunity to show off their individual talents.


2 thoughts on “Whooo Are You? – Roles to Fit Your BI Team’s Personalities

  1. Hi Angel,
    I am a big believer in putting the right people in the right positions. You wouldn’t stick a people person back behind a desk in accounting, or place a timid type at the front of the house.

    An honest evaluation of each persons strengths would be advisable to make sure they are in the best positions for their personalities.

    1. Thanks for your comment Justin. Very good points. Placing people in positions is a way to help them excel in their jobs, which will bring them more job satisfaction and increase their productivity in the long run!

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