Job satisfaction in the Business Intelligence World

The ability to help improve people’s lives and job satisfaction through process improvement is what drew me into the IT industry. Many people, even in large established businesses, are drowning in tedious work tasks that could be simplified through automation. Many small business owners have found a way to survive a harsh economic environment by improving their internal efficiency and automating manual tasks.

My job satisfaction is derived directly from improving the lives of others by streamlining processes. Administering business intelligence software continues to provide this satisfaction but on a much larger scale. Automating small task for individuals will help the individual and the department that the individual belongs to, but implementing a business intelligence solution can potentially restructure the way an entire corporation communicates and collaborates.

A business intelligence solution will automate the reporting processes across all departments. Interactive dashboards can display real-time data, and visual comparative statistics will enable department heads to quickly analyze data and make effective decisions. The days of manual entry and manual uploads through spreadsheets are long gone. When implemented effectively your BI solution will eliminate manual reporting and paper usage in general.

Reducing paper circulation is great, but the real value comes from the nearly instant delivery of valuable company data. Entry level positions will no longer be summing columns and emailing spreadsheets. New employees will be able to hit the ground running by having data available at their fingertips. Analysis can begin at the lowest level and value creation will result from this.

When your job matters and you know that you are adding value to your company, you are more likely to experience a high level of job satisfaction. I feel (and hope) that the majority of people desire to learn new things. A BI solution requires continual learning, and offers individuals the ability to uncover valuable trends by thinking outside of the box. Participating in this type of environment, and supporting the tools allows me to feel that I am making a difference in people’s jobs and lives.



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